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Discover how Clearwater’s health solution can help you save up to $4,000 per employee annually, increase recruitment efforts, employee satisfaction, and productivity, through demonstrating a commitment to your employees' well-being. 

It’s time to believe in better. We’re building an entirely new world of healthcare benefits.


At the heart of every thriving small business lies a team of dedicated individuals that deserves access to the best in healthcare. With the myriad of choices in the market, it may be both challenging and expensive to find the right fit.  That’s where we step in.  We partnered with Clearwater Health to provide every business with its perfect healthcare match. We understand the unique challenges and needs of small and medium enterprises and will craft a bespoke healthcare plan tailored for your business and its employees, and ensure that your business doesn’t just survive, but thrives.

The Future of Business Healthcare

It’s time to believe in better. We’re building an entirely new world of healthcare coverage.

A Boosting In Employee Satisfaction and Retention

A robust healthcare plan is a testament to a business’s care for its team. It’s not just a perk, but a morale booster that fosters a sense of security and well-being among employees, significantly enhancing job satisfaction and retention rates.

A Simplified Healthcare Journey

We cut through the complexity, delivering clear, straightforward health plans that ensure ease of understanding and utilization, allowing you and your team to focus on what truly matters - growing your business.

A Commitment In The Notion of Well-being

Our preventative care initiatives and holistic approach are aligned in helping you nurture a healthier, happier, and more productive workplace. 

Better care. Better cost.


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Unbelievably Better Benefits

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CEO, Better
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Business Owner, Joe Bland Construction
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CEO, eXp Realty

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